About Us

Milagro Fine Bookbinding is located in Corrales, New Mexico, which is a small village north of Albuquerque. The village was founded in 1712 by Spanish settlers. The bindery name is derived from the Spanish word "miracle", which is what we hope each book experiences while in the bindery.


We have a nationwide clientele as well as from Scotland. We do fine hand bookbindings and restoration in the classic manner together with some modern tools and materials. Leather bindings, cloth bindings, antiquarian and rare books, as well as bibles are all part of our daily work load. We feel that almost any book can be repaired no matter how bad its condition.


Whether the book has monetary value or just sentimental value makes no difference to us. They all deserve the finest repairs. Protective enclosures can be made for any size book or document. Only the finest archival materials are used. The bindery has an abundant supply of leathers and bookcloths in many colors. Specialty and marbled papers are used for endpapers.


Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM by appointment